Does Nob Hill Deliver Groceries?

Nob Hill Foods is one of the better grocery stores in Northern California. They were bought by Raley’s in 1997, but I wasn’t sure if I could order online, so I wondered, does Nob Hill deliver groceries?

Here’s what I discovered:

Nob Hill Foods does online grocery orders for pickup and delivery. Food can be ordered online for delivery using Instacart or Raley’s in-house e-commerce application eCart.

In this article, I’ll share some vital info about Raley’s/Nob Hill, including all the important details on how to order online. And we’ll even get into why you might want to go with Instacart instead of ordering direct, despite Instacart’s reputation for marking up prices.

Let’s dive right in…

Ready to start ordering from Nob Hill through Instacart?

CLICK HERE to go to the Instacart order page.

How does grocery delivery work with Nob Hill Foods?

Nob Hill’s website is part of Raley’s website. Just go to the site, click Online Order and begin selecting items through their in-house eCart system. Alternately, customers can go to Raley’s page in Instacart to order.

In 2017, as part of its efforts at making the lives of its customers more comfortable, Raley’s started offering delivery at its Nob Hills location in Alameda, California. This was done through its personalized click and collect system, eCart.

So, to enjoy grocery delivery, you can use eCart (an e-commerce app owned by Raley’s) or Instacart.

Before, customers could only use eCart to order online and then pick it up curbside. But since 2019, Raley’s has partnered with Instacart to extend online grocery delivery across all its stores.

Ready to start ordering from Nob Hill through Instacart?

CLICK HERE to go to the Instacart order page.

This partnership with Instacart covers orders made in 93 stores operating under Raley’s, Bel Air, and Nob Hill in Northern California and Nevada.

With this partnership, Instacart shoppers will pick, pack and deliver to customers. Customers who already use Raley’s loyalty program, Something Extra, will continue to earn points on their online purchases.

Orders via Instacart can be delivered within an hour.

The first step is to sign up for an account. You can then select from a wide variety of products via Instacart’s app or online at

An Instacart shopper would get started selecting products for your order, and you’ll receive a notification about this so that you can make changes if there’s a need to.

You don’t need to worry about a thing once you’ve placed your order.

You can focus on work or pleasure, seeing as the shopper would inform you when they’re on their way to deliver. Just let them know if you’ll like to collect it yourself or instruct them to leave it by your door.

Do I order Nob Hill Foods on the Raley’s website?

Orders from Nob Hills Foods are placed through Raley’s website, or you can place orders on the Instacart site on Raley’s page.

Raley’s is sometimes referred to as Raley’s Family of Fine Stores. They include Raley’s, Bel Air Markets, Food Source, Market 5-One-5, Nob Hill Foods, and Sak N’ Save.

Raley’s website is super easy to use.

The images of the products and all other relevant info you need are arranged in an easy-to-read grid style. You select, clip your coupons (where applicable), pay, then sit back and wait to have your order delivered.

Instacart delivers for the supermarket chain, so you can order Nob Hill Foods on the Raley’s website, or you could download the Raley’s app from the Google play store.

If you’re not familiar with Instacart, do check out a recent article of mine: How Instacart Works.

In it, I shared the lowdown on how the online grocery service works. It’s easy to use. You sign up. Select your groceries from a grocery store of your choice, and Instacart’s shoppers will pick and deliver to you.

For details, just click the link to read the article on my site.

How does Raley’s/Nob Hill eCart work?

To order food from Raley’s or Nob Hill through their eCart, you must first register on their website or download their app. There is a sign-up button at the top of the page. Create or enter your Raley’s Something Extra number and your delivery address. Then begin ordering items for purchase and check out.

But let’s look at the details of those steps:

Once you click the Sign-Up button, a page comes up where you’ll enter your first and last name, email address, and a password of your choice.

You’ll need to confirm the password by entering it again.

Then, you’ll be asked if you already have a Something Extra number with Raley’s. If you don’t, you’ll need to create one. So, enter a 10-digit number of your choice.

And, like the password, you’ll need to confirm it. Enter the number again. Then enter your contact information—phone number, street address, and city.

Don’t forget your zip code. You’ve got to enter it too.

If you like, you can add your birthday to receive treats from Raley’s. You can also check the box that’ll allow you to receive text messages about sales, new offers, and rewards. Check the box showing you’ve agreed with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Then, click Create Account. That’s it. You’re ready to start shopping online.

Do you tip Raley’s/Nob Hill delivery?

No tips are accepted by the delivery drivers for Raley’s or Nob Hill Foods. Raley’s policy is that its delivery drivers are not allowed to receive tips as of the time of this writing. However, always tip if ordering through Instacart as tips are a large part of Instacart Shoppers’ pay.

So, apart from the delivery charges, there are no extra fees to pay. But, you may observe in time that the prices charged by the store and what’s charged by Instacart differ (in some cases).

What’s the reason for the differences in prices with Instacart? Are you being fleeced? No. I explored this theme in a recent article of mine.

One of the vital things I explained is that, in truth, Instacart doesn’t always charge more. It has partnerships with some stores. The extra charge is often when what’s ordered is not from the stores it’s partnered with.

Just click the link to read the article on my site.

How much does Raley’s/Nob Hill charge for delivery?

The first three orders (minimum spend: $100) when using eCart for Raley’s or Nob Hill Foods delivery are free. The fourth and subsequent orders and orders below $100 are charged at a rate of $5.95 per order.

Orders are to be placed two hours in advance and will be delivered within a 30-minute window.

If you use Instacart’s app, you can choose a delivery window from one hour up to 5 days in advance. There’s a $10 minimum order requirement and a delivery charge of $3.99 on orders of at least $35 or more.

First-time shoppers with a minimum order of $35 can get a reduction by using a code: HIRALEYS20 to get $20 off their purchase.

If you opt for Instacart, it’s natural to wonder if you should tip its delivery drivers. Aren’t they getting paid by Instacart? I explored this in a recent article of mine. Unlike Raley’s employees, Instacart employees rely heavily on tips for their income.

Just click the link to read it on my site and see the recommended tip amount.


In the above sections, we looked at Raley’s eCart and the Instacart option for online ordering and delivery.

We learned that since 2019, Raley’s has partnered with Instacart to extend its capability to deliver to customers. It covers Bel Air and Nob Hill.

We went over how to sign up and get started using both services and the fees one has to pay for using them.

Lastly, we learned about Raley’s loyalty program, Something Extra. We discovered that customers who are already benefiting from the program would continue to earn points even when they order online.

Ready to start ordering from Nob Hill through Instacart?

CLICK HERE to go to the Instacart order page.

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