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Do Grocery Stores Sell Protein Powder? (Aldi, Walmart vs Amazon)

Protein powders are loaded with benefits, such as fat loss and muscle growth. But if you are new to protein powder, you might be wondering do grocery stores sell protein powder?

Yes. Almost all grocery stores sell a wide variety of protein powder as they are highly popular products. However, you may find a wider selection and more knowledgable employees at a GNC or supplement store. But Amazon will likely have the best price.

But that’s not all we’ll discuss today.

I’ll also let you know the best protein powder to buy, and a few other things you should know. This is a domain I know a thing or two about, seeing as I worked as a general manager for over two decades at Whole Foods Market. (I’m also a martial arts buff).

So let’s dive right in!

Can you buy Whey at the grocery store?

Yes, you can buy Whey at grocery stores. Most grocery stores sell Whey protein powder. You can also get it at many specialty food stores and health food stores.

There are a variety of brands as well. If what you want is vegan, purely plant-based, all-natural Whey, I’ll simply suggest that you do a bit of research that’ll help you select the best type for your needs.  

Or perhaps, walk-in into your fave grocery store, or order over the internet, and get it delivered to your home.

Amazon and Instacart are platforms you could use to get your supplies easily. Actually, there are tons of stores that sell Whey.

It’s one of the most popular protein powder products in the world.

There’s a huge thriving industry behind it; as such, you can rest assured of its availability in superstores, supermarkets, and even your local mom and pop grocery store.

And, to help you make the right choice, I thought I must share the following:

There are three types of Whey Protein Powder:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate 

Let’s check out what each type of whey protein powder is about:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate is the most concentrated. It has a great taste and mixes well in water. It’s got carbs and lactose in it and is also the cheapest.
  2. Whey Protein Isolate. Unlike Concentrate, Isolate has had its lactose and carbs removed, so those who have lactose intolerance can safely consume this. Its protein level is a bit more than that of the Concentrate, though. The taste is okay. However, it’s a bit more expensive than the first one we checked out. But, the Isolate is usually what most trainers and dieticians recommend.
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate has gone through further filtering; as such, its protein content is the highest. Its taste is not great, and it’s the most expensive.

What aisle would you find protein powder?

You’ll find it in the aisle where health and wellness products are stocked. You know where supplements and other healthy living products are displayed, right?

That’s the spot.

Take your time to check out the brands and the labels carefully. They’re all essentially protein powder, but there are a few differences you want to pay attention to. So, you will have some choices there.

Make sure to choose an organic, Non-GMO product.

The last thing you need is any product that contains substances that might be harmful to your system. And, as promised, I’ll even recommend the best you could go for.

Now that you know the aisle, you may also want to understand how grocery stores are laid out so that you can easily navigate them and save time when you go shopping.

I went into great detail on how the aisles are organized in a recent article of mine. Just click the link to read it on my site. 

For example, I wrote about the sections of a grocery store, the perimeter area (what!), the center, why grocery stores are designed that way, and other exciting info.

Is protein powder cheaper at a grocery store?

It’s cheaper to order online.

Of course, if you love shopping and a grocery store is not close to where you live or work, you may prefer this option. Ordering online through Amazon is great, also because you have a wide variety.

The fact is you have an array of options, no matter where you prefer.

So grocery stores are great for last-minute decisions or if you realize too late that your container is empty. Stores can also be great if you want to talk to someone knowledgeable about your options. Although some grocery stores are way better than others in terms of customer service.

Online is great if you know what you want and can wait a couple of days for delivery.

Going to a store apart from the actual cost of the product involves the cost of the gas for the car (to and fro) and, more importantly, the opportunity cost of the time spent shopping, which you could spend on something else that may be more important.

Does Aldi or Walmart sell protein powder?

Yes, both grocery stores sell protein powder.

Walmart offers an array of brands. Vegan, organic, grass-fed. There are so many choices, which is great! You could walk -in and buy or order online. They offer next day or 2-day delivery options.

Aldi has its own store brand of protein powder known as Elevation. It’s by Melville.

Now that you know that you can get protein powder at both Aldi and Walmart, one interesting question is: Is Walmart a grocery store or a supermarket?

In fact, many people wonder what the difference between grocery stores and supermarkets is?

In a recent article of mine, I went to town on the question. I provided an in-depth guide, which you’ll find interesting.

Just click the link to read it on my site. I gave examples of some of the best-known supermarkets. I shared the key distinguishing features between grocery stores and supermarkets.

What is the best protein powder?

There are several protein powder brands, such as Muscle tech nitro tech, Legion whey+, BSN Syntha 6.

And it’s not easy to decide on the best in a hurry. But I have taken the time to research the best brand for you, and here is what I’ll recommend.

It’s Orgain organic protein powder. You can find it on Amazon. So, what makes it the best? That’s what I’ll share right away.

First off, as its name implies, it’s a plant-based organic product. It offers a full complement of amino acids, and it’s sugar-free. You can rest assured that what you’ll be consuming is 100% natural. It’s the number one bestseller for a reason.

It has almost all 5-star reviews on Amazon and astonishingly, almost 15,000 of them. In fact, it’s the #1 best selling meal replacement protein powder on all of Amazon.

CLICK HERE to check out the current price on Amazon.

The following are some of its other good points:

  • Soy-free
  • Kosher
  • Low carb
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Unsweetened
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-dairy
  • No artificial ingredients

And, it’s affordable to boot.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, protein powders will help you excel in the gym and improve your overall fitness. A great example is Whey, that’s beloved by millions of people all over the world.

I shared a couple of interesting stuff in the preceding paragraph.

I mentioned a few of the benefits of protein powder. I also discussed if Aldi or Walmart sells them if they’re cheaper to buy at grocery stores.

I also explained key vital stuff about Whey.

The three types there are, and the one most trainers and dieticians recommend. And, lastly, I even recommended the best brand of protein powder to buy. It’s a plant-based organic brand that has a 4.4/5-star rating. 

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