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Why Am I Seeing No Batches on Instacart? (how to get more)

The key to making a lot of money working for Instacart is to get a lot of big-dollar batches. If you’ve noticed a decrease in batches, you might be wondering: Why am I not seeing batches on Instacart?

Instacart Shoppers will see fewer batches if the Shopper consistently has low ratings. Instacart’s algorithm automatically prioritizes Shoppers with excellent and above-average ratings. But not being available at peak hours or in busier locations will also impact the number of batches assigned.

However not being close to a grocery store and not turning on location services are secondary factors in a reduction in batches.

In this article, we’ll explore Instacart’s rating system, how to get batches, if one can accept multiple batches, and what to do if low customer ratings have caused a decrease in your batches. Ultimately we’ll look at the best ways to maximize your earnings!

Let’s get started.

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Understanding Instacart Batches

Instacart offers a dynamic world of batch assignments for its shoppers. But how does it all work? Dive in to unravel the intricacies of order assignments and the factors influencing them.

How Do Instacart Orders Get Assigned?

Instacart offers batches to Shoppers based on their average ratings. The Shoppers with the highest ratings get priority access to batches. A rating below 5-star results in limited batch opportunities.

Instacart’s 5-star rating system is based on the average of a shopper’s last 100 orders.

After the 101st order, the count restarts. Customer feedback from the app is crucial; however, ratings affected by issues beyond a shopper’s control, such as stockouts or bad weather, aren’t included in the average.

Each cycle, the lowest rating is dropped, and orders without feedback remain neutral in calculations. The rating system is straightforward and essential for batch assignments.

The following are the Shopper ratings:

  1. Excellent
  2. Above average
  3. Average
  4. Below average

To get batches often, you have to score excellent or above-average ratings.

Let’s check out how the average rating is computed.

  • 5 star rating = 5 pts
  • 4 star rating = 4 pts
  • 3 star rating = 3 pts
  • 2 star rating = 2 pts
  • 1 star rating = 1 pt

Say a shopper got 50 ratings, made up of 49 5-star ratings and 1 4-star rating.

49*5 = 245

Add the 4-star rating 245+4 = 249

Average rating 249/50 = 4.98

What Time Do Instacart Batches Start?

Instacart batches typically start appearing in the app when stores open.

If your local grocery opens at 8 a.m., that’s likely when you’ll start seeing batches. However, peak batch availability often aligns with the busiest shopping times, which are usually mid-morning to early afternoon. Staying active during these peak hours might increase your chances of grabbing a desirable batch.

Just remember, other shoppers are on the lookout too, so stay alert!

Determining Instacart Batch Allocation

Instacart’s batch allocation is primarily driven by a shopper’s rating.

Those with higher ratings often get first dibs on available batches. Ratings are averaged over your last 100 orders, so consistently good service can lead to more batch opportunities. Another factor is proximity; being closer to stores can make a difference. Finally, peak shopping times tend to offer more batches.

Stay tuned in and ensure you’re giving top-notch service to stay in the game.

How Instacart Shopper Ratings Influence Batches

Poor customer reviews can reduce the batches available to an Instacart shopper.

High ratings indicate customer satisfaction, and Instacart prioritizes those highest-rated shoppers. While occasional negative feedback is expected and some are even disregarded by the system, consistently poor reviews will lower a shopper’s rating.

Those with low ratings risk fewer batch opportunities and potential deactivation.

Can Instacart shoppers skip check-out lines if they’re in a rush?

Find out in a recent article of mine. I explained that they could and that some stores even allow them to come in earlier and leave later. They are also provided with dedicated cards for making payments.

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Impact of Instacart Order Volume on Batches Given

Order volume significantly influences the batches you receive on Instacart. When demand surges, especially during weekends or holidays, more batches pop up.

However, in areas with a high shopper-to-order ratio, batches might be few and far between. Diversifying your locations and tuning into peak times can help you get ahead.

Simply put, it’s a game of location and timing.

How the Proximity to Participating Stores Impacts Batches Given

Being close to participating stores is a game-changer for Instacart batches.

When you’re nearby, the app favors you, sending more batches your way. It’s all about cutting down on wait times and ensuring speedy deliveries for customers.

However, if you’re distant, you might see fewer batches. Pro tip? Position yourself strategically near popular stores during peak hours. It makes a noticeable difference!

Can You Accept Multiple Instacart Batches Simultaneously?

Instacart Shoppers can accept up to 2 batches at once, meaning two orders from the same store combined.

While the payout might be less than two separate orders, these double batches offer a chance to earn more. They usually come from the same store but have different delivery locations, often close together to save on gas.

Handling multiple orders can be challenging; however, clear communication and excellent service, even with low-tip orders, can secure a valuable 5-star rating.

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Strategies to Boost Your Instacart Batches

Exceeding an Instacart customer’s expectations will almost always result in a great review. And the more great reviews received for an Instacart Shopper, the more batches get offered. 

So the key to getting more orders on Instacart is simple:

  • Follow customers’ instructions exactly as written.
  • Seek clarification when in doubt.
  • Offer excellent service.

There are factors beyond a shopper’s control that impact their rating, but offering excellent service is the one they can control.

Enhance Your Ratings

“Shoppers are offered batches based on average customer star rating, starting with the highest rated shoppers.” 

The quote I shared above is from Instacart. You’ll agree that it succinctly captures how you could get more batches.

As you know, the ratings are being computed by an algorithm. So, if you’ve got low ratings, it’s not because someone’s got it in for you.

Now and then, you will get a bad rating. Don’t take it to heart. That’s life. Be determined to always do your best.

The simple truth is there is no magic bullet to getting more batches other than what I shared above. If you’re not getting enough batches now, simply improve the quality of the service you’re offering. Then you’ll not only get the best tips, but you’ll get more batches and be in higher demand.

Be proactive. 

There’d be a few “customers from hell” who’d still leave low ratings. But, don’t be daunted; keep offering great service. In a short time, your ratings would go up, and you’ll start getting good batches.

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Increase Your Instacart Order Volume

Boosting your Instacart order volume can be a strategic move.

Higher order volumes often translate to more trust from the algorithm, potentially earning you more batches. To up your numbers, consider accepting smaller or quicker orders. They might offer lower payouts initially but can increase your total order count faster.

Over time, this consistency can position you as a reliable shopper, nudging the system to favor you with more batches.

Time Your Work Hours to Peak Times

Timing is everything on Instacart.

Aligning your working hours with peak times can give you an edge. Typically, weekends and weekday evenings see higher order volumes. So, if you’re looking for a flurry of batches, these are your prime windows.

By tuning into customer habits, you can position yourself at the heart of the action, maximizing your batch opportunities. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time!

Maximize Proximity to Instacart Stores to Get More Batches

Location, location, location!

Being closer to Instacart-friendly stores is a game-changer. When you position yourself near these busy areas, the Instacart Shopper app recognizes your readiness to pick up orders swiftly. Consequently, you get more batches.

Consider frequenting areas with multiple Instacart-participating stores. It’s a simple, yet effective strategy to keep those batches rolling in. After all, geography plays a big role in the gig economy.

Unlock Diamond Cart for ‘Priority Access’ to Get More Instacart Batches

Diamond Cart isn’t an actual feature of Instacart but for the purpose of this exercise, let’s imagine it’s a special status or level within the Instacart platform that allows Shoppers to gain an edge.

How It Works:

  1. Earning Points: Just like many loyalty programs, let’s say users earn points for every batch they complete, review they get, or for maintaining a high rating.
  2. Leveling Up: Accumulating enough points propels a Shopper to the Diamond Cart status, unlocking several benefits.

Benefits of Diamond Cart:

  1. Priority Access: Those with Diamond Cart status get first dibs on batches before they’re made available to general Shoppers.
  2. Special Batches: Possibly, exclusive access to high-value or larger batches that can boost earnings.
  3. Dedicated Support: Faster response times and dedicated support channels for any issues or concerns.

Earning and Maintaining the Status:

  1. Consistency is Key: To maintain the Diamond Cart status, a Shopper might need to consistently achieve high ratings and complete a certain number of batches weekly.
  2. Continuous Learning: Engaging in training modules or quizzes could help in retaining or even boosting the status.

The Potential Downside: While Diamond Cart sounds like a boon, it may also introduce competition and pressure. Shoppers may feel the urge to overwork to maintain their status or could become complacent once they achieve it.

For platforms like Instacart, it’s essential that while recognizing top performers, they don’t alienate new or average-performing Shoppers. Everyone’s contribution is vital to the ecosystem’s health.

Batch Grabber: An Outside-the-Box Solution to Get More Instacart Batches

Batch Grabber is essentially a third-party tool designed to give Instacart Shoppers an edge.

How? By automating the process of claiming available batches. Instead of manually scanning and selecting batches, the tool does it for you, ensuring you grab them faster than others.

How It Works

  1. Notification System: The tool constantly scans for new batches and alerts users as soon as they appear.
  2. Auto-selection: Instead of manually choosing, the software automatically selects the most lucrative batches for the user.

Treading on Thin Ice The lure of securing more batches can be tempting, but here’s the catch: using a Batch Grabber can violate Instacart’s terms of service. How?

  1. Fair Play: Instacart’s platform is designed to offer equal opportunities for all its Shoppers. Using automation tools can provide an unfair advantage.
  2. System Integrity: Such tools can strain Instacart’s system, potentially affecting its stability.
  3. Data Privacy: Third-party applications can sometimes have access to personal and sensitive information. There’s always a risk involved when granting them access.

Bottom line? While the idea of securing more batches swiftly sounds promising, using such tools might put your Instacart career at risk. Always prioritize playing by the rules and maintaining trust in the community.

Troubleshooting Common Instacart Batch Issues

Experiencing challenges with Instacart batches is not uncommon. This section provides insights into prevalent issues and their solutions, aiming to streamline the Instacart experience.

Factors Affecting Batch Availability for Instacart Shoppers

Dipping Below 4.7 Stars in Ratings

Dipping below 4.7 stars can pinch your batch availability on Instacart. This threshold matters as higher-rated Shoppers snag batches first. To maintain a steady workflow, aim to consistently hit above this mark.

Low Instacart Shopper Volume

Low Instacart shopper volume in an area can mean more batches available. Simply put, fewer Shoppers competing leads to increased opportunities. However, this can change if shopper numbers rise, so it’s always good to be alert.

Oversaturation of Shoppers in Your Market

Oversaturation means too many Shoppers in one area. With more Shoppers than there are grocery stores and/or orders, batches become scarce. It’s essential to diversify your areas or adjust work hours to stay ahead in such crowded markets.

Ultimately, aside from the Instacart Shopper rating, batches come down to a good balance between customer demand, Shoppers being available at the best times, and the number of Shoppers in that area.

Not Accepting Batches Quickly Enough

Batches on Instacart move fast. If you’re slow to accept, you’ll miss out. Prioritize speed when new batches appear. Quick decisions make a difference in availability.

Why Are My Assigned Batches Distant?

Receiving distant batches on Instacart can be a mix of various factors.

Primarily, the platform’s algorithm tries to match orders with available shoppers. When local demand is high and nearby shoppers are occupied, the system might extend its range. Additionally, if you’re located near the edge of a delivery zone, you might get batches from neighboring zones.

Technical glitches can occasionally play a role too. To mitigate this, ensure you’re operating within dense, active areas, especially during peak times. Regularly refreshing the app can also help in accessing closer batches before others claim them.

Addressing Instacart Technical Concerns for Getting Batches

Navigating technical concerns with Instacart can be daunting. As you delve into this section, you’ll uncover key insights to effectively address batch-related tech issues. Let’s ensure a smoother Instacart experience.

Identifying Instacart Service Interruptions

Instacart service interruptions can momentarily halt batch offerings.

Often, these interruptions arise from app glitches or server outages. To identify them, first, check if you’re facing issues in other apps. If it’s exclusive to Instacart, a quick online check on outage reporting websites or Instacart’s social media channels can confirm broader issues. When in doubt, restarting the app or your device might help.

However, if it’s a widespread interruption, patience is key; the technical team usually addresses such concerns promptly.

No Batches? Engage with Instacart Support

Experiencing a dry spell with no batches? It’s time to ping Instacart Support. They’re there to help troubleshoot and provide insights on potential issues. Connecting with customer support can offer clarity, especially if you’ve ticked all the usual boxes for getting batches.

Remember, the support team has access to backend details you don’t. They can spot anomalies, confirm batch distributions in your area, and suggest fixes. So, if those batches remain elusive, a chat with support might just be the nudge you need.

Final Thoughts

The world of Instacart batches can be both rewarding and perplexing.

When those batches go missing, it’s vital to approach the situation with a systematic mindset. From ensuring your shopper rating remains competitive to staying updated on technical glitches, being proactive is key.

But lower ratings are one of the most common reasons to get fewer batches.

Location plays an undeniable role. Being closer to frequently visited stores can significantly boost your batch visibility. Moreover, remember the impact of market saturation; an influx of shoppers in your area might affect batch availability.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of communication.

Reaching out to Instacart support can often shed light on underlying issues or provide valuable reassurances. As with any tech-driven platform, occasional hiccups are inevitable, but armed with knowledge and persistence, you’re well-equipped to navigate and overcome these challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays Better: DoorDash or Instacart?

DoorDash typically pays better than Instacart, offering rates around $25 per hour with most dashers earning about $20 per hour or $5 per delivery.

DoorDash also benefits from a higher average tip of 15%, stemming from its roots in food delivery. In contrast, Instacart shoppers earn between $7 to $25 per hour, with an average of $11 and a base tip rate of 5%.

So, can you make a full-time income from Instacart? 

That’s what I explored in a recent article of mine, where I shared the average income and showed that while flexibility is a good factor to consider, it’s got its minuses.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

Do New Shoppers Get Fewer Batches Than Existing Shoppers?

Instacart Shoppers with high ratings and positive feedback get priority for available batches.

New Shoppers might not see as many batches initially due to limited feedback. However, by working during peak times, delivering promptly, and providing excellent service, your demand can rise.

As your positive ratings accumulate, you’ll see more batches and increased earnings.

Do Instacart Shoppers Who Are Able to Deliver Alcohol Get More Batches?

Absolutely, being able to deliver alcohol can give Instacart Shoppers an edge in the batch game. Why? It’s a specialized service that not all shoppers are authorized to provide.

Firstly, there are legal requirements and age restrictions in play when handling alcohol. Shoppers who’ve cleared these checks can access a broader array of order types. Especially on weekends or during events, alcohol-related orders might spike, and being approved to handle them opens up more earning opportunities.

So taking an Instacart-approved alcohol certification course is a great way to boost your earnings.

Moreover, stores partnering with Instacart for booze deliveries often have exclusive slots for shoppers certified in alcohol delivery. This translates to more batches in the queue. So, if you’re contemplating whether to get that certification, it could well be your ticket to staying busier and pocketing more earnings.

Do Full-service Shoppers Get More Batches Than Store Shoppers?

Full-service Shoppers typically earn more than in-store Shoppers since they both shop and deliver.

In contrast, in-store Shoppers, who are Instacart employees, only shop and earn a fixed hourly wage. Full-service Shoppers, being independent contractors, have the flexibility to choose their working hours.

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