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Can Instacart Deliver to a Hotel Room? (Yes, here’s how)

Instacart is a huge time-saver when it comes to groceries. But what about when you’re staying at a hotel? While we know restaurants often deliver to hotel rooms, I wondered can Instacart deliver to a hotel room?

Yes, Instacart will deliver to a hotel room. They recently added a service allowing hotel guests to get their groceries delivered to their rooms. The customers can order through the Instacart app and inform the front desk that they are expecting a delivery. However, not every hotel chain currently allows this.

So that leaves us with many more questions.

For instance, do ALL hotels allow grocery delivery from Instacart? Or will Instacart deliver to Disney resorts while you are hanging with Mickey? And most importantly, can you receive the delivery even outside of the hotel?

No worries! I will help you find the right answers to all your queries.

Keep reading to know more.

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Does Instacart bring groceries inside a hotel?

Yes, Instacart does bring groceries inside a hotel.

If you want the shopper to deliver to your room, mention the correct room number and contact details when ordering. It would be helpful if you notify the front desk that you are expecting a delivery.

If you’re not in your room at the shopper’s arrival, the staff will not send the order to your room.

The customer has the advantage of deciding whether he wants Instacart to deliver to the hotel room directly or wants the hotel staff to deliver it to him.

The front desk staff might hold your items until you arrive but will not necessarily store them. So if you order ice cream or anything that spoils quickly, you should be in your room to store it.

Do all hotels allow grocery delivery?

Some hotels do, but not all. Some hotels have partnered with Instacart, Peapod, etc., to deliver essentials to hotel guests. For instance, Disney hotels are partnered with Instacart and Graden Grocer.

However, hotels that offer dining facilities are less likely to allow grocery delivery.

Some hotels partner with grocery delivery services like Instacart for service convenience. Guests can enjoy what they would at home while spending days in a hotel. To order or change your delivery address from your home to the hotel address in the Instacart app, you’ll have to visit their website.

Also, you must add specific delivery instructions (room number, hotel security requirements, etc) to avoid any delays in receiving your order.

Just like home delivery, your shopper will need to reach you in case a substitute item is needed. Remember to give the shopper your room number! A general requirement is that you must be in your room to receive and properly store the items.

It is worth mentioning that some hotels do charge for grocery delivery to guest rooms.

This does not include the Instacart delivery charge. If you have been using Instacart for a while, you might have noticed that the costs fluctuate when you order from different stores.

Check out my recent article on why Instacart charges more than the store. I’ll let you know what stores charge higher markups and why! Just click the link to check it out.

Does Instacart deliver to Disney resorts?

Instacart is one of the top three grocery delivery services at Disney World. Guests can easily enjoy the feeling of being at home by having groceries delivered to them.

A Disney vacation isn’t cheap, especially if you have a large family. Eating every meal at the park can cost a boatload. Ordering groceries through Instacart will save lots of money and time.

But, since the policy update in 2019, you can no longer have items delivered to the room or the front desk. At least not from Instacart or other third party companies.

You must pick up your groceries from outside the resort.

Even though deliveries aren’t allowed inside the resorts, tons of people still use Instacart for their grocery deliveries. It is more time saving compared with Garden Grocer. With Instacart, you can get your order within 1-2 hours.

What is the Disney grocery delivery policy?

As of October 1, 2019, the Disney grocery delivery policy only allows grocery deliveries to your resort from Garden Grocer. It is a longtime partner of Disney, and they do not charge any fee.

Instacart and other 3rd party services can only meet you outside the resort.

Garden Grocer can deliver to the front desk. And there’s no additional charge for Bell Services to take the order to your room or store the items for you.

So to get groceries delivered from Instacart and other third-party companies, you will need to collect them from outside the resort. This change might have occurred because of the high volume of deliveries from grocery delivery services like Instacart. The hotel staff had many items to check, and the risk of spoilage or breakage of items also increased.

Before the implementation of the new policy, Bell Services would hold your items or take them to your room. They would usually charge $6 for delivery to your room. This is no longer the case. With any third party delivery service, you’ll need to arrange for your items to be delivered, pick them up and store them in your room.

Overall the new policy takes away some of the convenience of grocery delivery, but ordering through Instacart is still a great idea.

Can I receive Instacart deliveries outside of my hotel?

Yes, you can receive delivery outside of your hotel.

Although Instacart can deliver to a hotel room, some hotels do not allow this. In such a situation you’ll have to pick the order from outside the hotel. It is no different from a curbside delivery at home. Even though it might not be convenient, it will save you money.

Remember to tip your shopper even though you meet them at the curb.

Not sure how to tip your shopper? Here’s my recent article on how much you should tip a shopper. I have tried to cover all you need to know about Instacart Pickup, why you must tip, and how much the delivery costs.

Just click the link to find out more!

Final thoughts

In this article, you learned that having groceries delivered to your hotel is indeed possible and, above all, very satisfying. But you have to be available in the room to receive the order.

Furthermore, we got to know that Instacart can deliver to a hotel room directly or meet you outside the resort, depending on the resort policies.

You also learned that Disney’s grocery delivery policy restricts Instacart from delivery inside the resorts. Not all hotels get your orders to your room, but for the ones that do, you must expect a charge for their service. Besides, curbside delivery is a good option if your hotel does not allow grocery delivery.

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