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Does Sprouts Have Curbside Pickup? (Yes, here’s how it works)

Grocery shopping can be a hassle, especially if you have kids as my wife and I do. You can save yourself a lot of stress just ordering your groceries online. But if you’re a loyal shopper of Sprouts Farmers Market, you may have wondered does Sprouts have curbside pickup?

I decided to check it out at the location close to me and here’s what I learned:

Yes, Sprouts Farmers Market stores do have curbside pickup offered through Instacart. Instacart Pickup allows you to order your groceries online and set a time to pick them up curbside without ever having to leave your car.

If you’ve shopped at any grocery store that offers pickup and delivery services, you know how nice it is to have someone do the shopping for you.

Walmart and Food Lion offer curbside pickup, but what if you are a Sprouts shopper?

If you love Sprouts Farmers Market and aren’t really interested in changing grocery stores, you’ll be happy to learn that Sprouts does offer curbside pickup!

But how does it work? How do you order and pick up your groceries? Do they charge more for pickup?

I’ll answer those questions and more.

Just keep reading!

Ready to start ordering from Sprouts through Instacart?

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Does Sprouts do curbside pickup?


Whether it’s because they’re homebound, or just too busy to hit the grocery store, more and more people are turning to the convenience of grocery store delivery and pickup.

If you’re a Sprouts Farmers Market shopper, you may be happy to know that they offer curbside pickup and delivery through Instacart.

Instacart Pickup allows you to order your groceries online and set a time to pick them up.

Instacart shoppers will shop for the best products just like you would. They are careful to check expiration dates and deals. They will also be sure to pick items that don’t have any damage whatsoever.

If you want something even more convenient than curbside pickup, Instacart also has a delivery service.

Just remember that Instacart drivers are providing a service. They are doing the shopping for you, so you don’t have to. Just like any other service provider, you should tip your Instacart driver.

To read more about how much you should tip your Instacart driver, and more about Instacart in general, check out this recent article.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

How does pickup work at Sprouts?

Currently, Sprouts Farmers Market only offers pickup and delivery through Instacart (click to check out their website now and get started). This means that you must place your order by using Instacart’s website or app.

This is different from pickup services like Walmart provides. With Walmart, you place your order directly through their app.

Ordering groceries through Instacart is very easy. With Instacart Pickup, you can order your groceries online and set a time to pick them up at your convenience.

Instacart even has e-coupons you can apply to your order. Just place your order, select the time you want to pick up your groceries, and submit your payment.

You’ll receive a notification when it’s ready to be picked up, along with directions for where and how to pick up your groceries.

Instacart can be used with many other stores, too! It works with big chain stores as well as small mom and pop stores. It also works with pharmacies and wine shops, too.

To read more about Instacart and how pickup works with their service, check out this recent article.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

How much is Sprouts pick up?

Sprouts has partnered with Instacart to provide curbside pickup services.

This means that an Instacart shopper will do the shopping and bring your groceries out to your car.

The fee for bringing groceries out to your car, or even delivering them to your home, will vary depending on the city you live in. However, your first order over $35 will be free. Future pickup fees will depend on the order size and delivery time.

You may be charged “busy pricing” during high demand time. This allows Instacart to keep more delivery times open and available during the store’s busiest times of the day. Busy pricing will be clearly visible when you pick your pickup time.

In most cities, prices start at $1.99 per order. If you use the service frequently, it may be beneficial to become a premium member.

If you are a premium member, you don’t have to pay any additional fees, just the annual membership fee of $99. Remember, you can use the service at a wide range of stores, not just Sprouts. And they deliver, too.

So, you can have Instacart do your grocery shopping, pick up your prescriptions for you, and even deliver alcohol to you for $99 per year. Not only will this pay for itself in under 6 months, but it saves you a boatload of time.

Did you catch what I said about the alcohol? That’s right, they’ll deliver your booze in many states!

To see if you live in one of those states read this recent article. Instacart currently delivers alcohol in 14 states.

Recipients must show ID and cannot be visibly intoxicated at the time of delivery.

Just click the link to read more about alcohol delivery on my site.

How do you order groceries from Sprouts?

Currently, Sprouts Farmers Market doesn’t have an app or anything for you to order through. So, if you want to order groceries from Sprouts, you need to do it through Instacart.

If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one first.

Once you’ve created an account, you can shop at Sprouts from any device that has the app. In the app, you’ll be able to see in-store prices and sales. You’ll even be able to use e-coupons. Then you’ll select your pickup time and pay for your order.

You can pick up your groceries in as little as two hours through Instacart. Or you can schedule your pickup for several days out. Just pick a date and time that is most convenient for you.

When your order is ready, you’ll be notified via the app. You’ll be provided with instructions on how to pick up your groceries and where to go. Easy peasy.

Is grocery pickup from sprouts more expensive?

It may be.

Instacart charges more money for certain stores, but sometimes there isn’t any added markup fee at all.

In fact, there was a recent outrage because customers found out that Instacart charges an average markup of 15% at some stores.

However, according to Instacart’s pricing information, the retail partners set the prices of items on the Instacart marketplace. Sometimes those prices are different than in-store prices.

Additionally, a service fee may be added by the retailer to items to cover the cost of Instacart services.

You can view Sprout’s pricing policies on the Instacart app. Actually, you can view the pricing policies for any retailer on Instacart’s app.

Just go to the main page of the app or the website and select the retailer. Tap on the logo and scroll down to “Pricing.” From there, just scroll down to see the pricing information.

Unfortunately, you often won’t know the exact amount of markups until after you’ve already paid for your groceries.

To read more about Instacart’s pricing and advantages versus disadvantages, read this recent article. I even cover the specific stores guaranteed to not charge more for delivery or pickup than in-store prices.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

Did I cover everything you want to know about Sprouts curbside pickup?

Sprouts offers both curbside pickup and delivery through their partnership with Instacart.

Placing an order from Sprouts Farmers Market for either pickup or delivery is as easy as placing an order through Instacart’s app or website.

Simply place your order, pick your pick up time, and pay right in the Instacart app.

You’ll be notified when your order is ready. You’ll be given instructions on where and how to pick it up. And when you arrive at the store, someone will help you load your groceries in your car.

What will you do will all of that free time now that you don’t have to spend it grocery shopping anymore?

Ready to start ordering from Sprouts through Instacart?

CLICK HERE to go to the Instacart order page.

Jeff Campbell