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How Do You Get the Same Shopper on Instacart?

It’s heartwarming when you get exceptional service from an Instacart Shopper. And, it’s only natural that you’d like to repeat the experience. So, how do you get the same Shopper on Instacart?

It is not possible to get the same Shopper on Instacart except by chance. Shoppers are independent contractors who decide when and when not to work. And orders are prioritized to the top-rated Shoppers, so the likelihood of working and being available when a specific order comes in is low.

It’s also possible that they could be engaged with other deliveries when you place your order.

I totally get why you’d like the same shopper.

But, it’s not feasible or optimal for the shopper or Instacart. Instacart has about 10 million customers and is focused on providing fast, quality services.

So, delivering your order fast is the goal. In this article, we’ll explore issues around how feasible it is to get the same shopper on Instacart.

Let’s dive right in…

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Can I tell Instacart if I don’t want a certain Shopper?

As of the time of writing, there’s no way to tell Instacart you don’t want a certain Shopper. It’s the same reason why it is not possible to have a favorite Shopper. This is because Instacart’s system for assigning batches to shoppers is automated.

There’s no manual matching of Shoppers to customers.

That will be a highly inefficient system if you think about it. Instacart has about 10 million customers. The provision of fast, quality services is the priority, especially since all shoppers are trained to provide such services.

To a large extent, the assignment system is random and automated and does not use previous interactions between you and a shopper as a basis for future assignments. To do that would be inefficient.

The system allows shoppers to choose orders shown to them, and because it’s random, it’s possible you may not interact with the shopper you don’t want again.

There’s the possibility that they would still be offered your order. It doesn’t mean that they would be assigned your order.

Shoppers are independent contractors whose schedules could and do change.

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Can Instacart Shoppers choose orders?

Instacart Shoppers can choose which orders to take or not take. The app displays open orders to Shoppers, and they can choose which orders they want to fulfill. And often, the orders with the largest tips get selected first.

The orders that they can see and consequently choose from are determined by Instacart’s rating system. Shoppers who have high ratings get to see more orders and more high-value orders with better payouts. The converse is also true.

Those with low ratings see fewer orders.

It’s not that they are being penalized. It’s simply a performance-driven system. It’s fair because shoppers “reap what they sow.”

For shoppers, the ability to choose orders is one of the most attractive and compelling features of Instacart. Because they are independent contractors, they need that freedom to earn something a bit worthwhile.

Mind you, it’s not as if they’re making a fortune. But the ability to choose means that they can choose orders that “makes sense.”

So, should you tip Instacart drivers? That’s what I explored in a recent article of mine where I said to always tip them.

Instacart suggests 5%, which is low, considering how vital delivery workers are to our lives and the fact that tips constitute a considerable chunk of their income.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

What happens when you complain about an Instacart Shopper?

Shoppers get notified about complaints or low ratings via the app. For “order issues,” they would be given enough details to know what triggered the complaint and from those details, they may or may not be able to ascertain the actual customer who complained.

But they aren’t reprimanded or fired over 1 complaint.

But, if they consistently get low ratings, it would affect their ability to get orders to deliver and may even lead to being deactivated from the platform if enough bad reviews came in.

Of course, if some of your items are missing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Instacart’s customer support.

You will get a refund. And, don’t assume that the shopper would be punished if you complained about something you’re not happy with.

You’ll be helping them improve.

Because even though they may not know who complained, if they are getting a lot of complaints when they check “order issues,” it’s a sign that if they are not careful and are also getting low ratings, they’re on their way out!

Can I hire my favorite Instacart Shopper on the side?

You can hire an Instacart Shopper directly for services, but they would not be operating under Instacart’s system, and any payment, issues, or liability would be strictly between you and the Shopper.

If you were able to convince a shopper to shop for you on the side, that would be an arrangement between you and the Shopper for which you are wholly liable. Instacart is not involved at all.

It’s akin to having an arrangement with a total stranger.

I cannot speak for any Instacart shopper. Perhaps, you would meet someone who would agree to be “your shopper.” It’s not impossible. My point is that you can’t use Instacart’s platform for that arrangement, and you’re no longer protected by Instacart.

You can’t contact Instacart when or if you have issues with the Shopper. After all, it’s something you arranged outside the framework established by Instacart.

And if they got into a car accident while working for you, it’s possible the liability could fall to you. So if you must go this route, a written agreement spelling out everything is your best bet.

No matter how exceptional a shopper is, it’s not something I’d advise. It’s better to always keep things professional.

What do Instacart customers see about the Shopper?

Instacart customers can see the Shoppers’ photo when they joined Instacart, name, speed metrics when a shopper starts shopping, where a shopper is currently located, and similar information.

Virtually all the info about the Shopper and their actions can be seen. The aim is to keep customers “in the loop”.

This access to shopper details is not so that customers can spy on shoppers. No. It’s critical to the proper functioning of the system, apart from knowing essential info about the Shopper, such as their name, picture, and when they started working with Instacart.

The Instacart app also provides notifications so that you can be updated about what your Shopper is doing. You’ll know when they start shopping, when they end, and when they’re on their way to deliver your order.

They may let you know that a certain item is out of stock, for example, because you have access to them. You can decide on what they should do in real-time.

Can shoppers rate you?

As of the time of writing, Instacart shoppers cannot rate customers. But, you can rate them. In a recent article of mine, I shared more details about this theme. I explained that they get to choose what orders they want to deliver. They are not compelled to deliver any order.

Just click the link to read it on my site.


We looked at several issues around how do you get the same Shopper on Instacart.

We considered if you can tell Instacart you don’t want a certain shopper, we looked at whether Instacart shoppers choose orders and what happens when you complain about shoppers.

You can’t choose a shopper, but shoppers can choose orders they want to deliver. And, complaints are not necessarily harmful to shoppers.

We also looked at whether it’s possible to hire your fave Instacart shopper on the side. We wrapped things up by checking out what Instacart customers see about shoppers.

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