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Do Aldi Employees Get a Discount? [plus pay & benefits]

Aldi is present in 19 countries and has 11,000 stores. It’s known for both incredibly low prices and a no-frills ambiance. So knowing the cut corners to keep costs down, do Aldi employees get a discount?

No, Aldi employees do not get a discount. This is due to the company already having extremely low profit margins. However, they pay well above the federal minimum wage and do offer vacation pay, paid holidays, group health insurance, and an employer match 401k to qualifying employees.

Does that mean Aldi is not a cool place to work in?

It’s actually a nice place. Sit a spell with me, and I’ll tell you about Aldi, what some employees say about working there, and the benefits you could get if you get a job there.

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Why doesn’t Aldi give employee discounts?

Aldi doesn’t give employee discounts as their prices are already very low, and employees enjoy many other benefits like health coverage. If the company did offer employee discounts, it would either have to cut back employee benefits or raise their prices, neither of which they want to do.

In the course of my research, I saw that the benefits and perks are actually impressive.

For example, healthcare coverage is very good. Aldi employees only have to pay about half of what employees in other companies have to contribute.

In fact, Aldi is ranked number one among five retail companies in health care benefits. Coupled with the low prices, paying about 50% less for health coverage is awesome if you ask me. (source)

And, when you get the general outlook of employees via online reviews, you’ll note that they’re cool with the fact that they don’t get discounts, seeing as the company takes care of them in other ways. There are other perks they get, which you’ll find out as you read on.

You know about its low prices, right? Think about it.

The low prices are already a form of discount. It may affect the company’s margin and capacity to provide other benefits if it goes ahead to still offer its 126,000 employees discounts on its products.

If you’ve got tattoos, you may want to know if you can still apply at Aldi.

This is exactly what I explored in a recent article of mine. In the article, I cover Aldi’s tattoo policy, its appearance policy, what the company looks for when it’s hiring, whether it allows colored hair, and if it conducts a drug test. It’s been a goldmine of info. Check it out. 

Just click the link to read it on my site. Now, let’s consider the benefits employees who work at Aldi get.

What benefits do you get working at Aldi?

Working at Aldi will get you loads of benefits. These include extensive health coverage (dental, long-term disability, temporary disability, vision, etc.), retirement, and financial benefits, among others. 

The following is a list of the benefits Aldi employees get.

Health and Insurance Benefits:

  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Long-Term disability insurance
  • Temporary disability insurance

Retirement and Financial Benefits:

  • Defined contribution pension plan
  • 401(k) plan (with company matching)
  • Profit-sharing

It’s vital to say that part-time, that’s casual employees who work less than 25 hours per week, do not receive any benefits.

Now that you know the benefits Aldi offer, you might be thinking: are there grocery stores that pay better? It’s been a great question. And, I provided answers in a recent article of mine.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

In it, I shared the stores that pay the best. You could see a chart where I showed them based on criteria, such as starting wage, whether employee discount is provided, health insurance coverage, paid time off.

And, now, let’s consider something you’ve wanted to know: The pay!

How much does Aldi’s pay its employees?

Aldi is one of the highest paying grocery chains in the country. The pay ranges from $13.08 to $23.08 an hour. Cashiers are the least paid, with an hourly rate of $13.08, while Assistant Store Managers earn an average of $18.68 per hour. District managers can make up to $80,000 per year.

According to Glassdoor, the average paid by grocery stores is $11.35.

It also reported that Aldi deliberately pays more than the federal minimum wage (which currently stands at $7.25 an hour).

And that the company matches any increase made by the Federal government. For example, if the rate were increased by 25 cents, Aldi will also increase the rate it pays workers by 25 cents.

It also has perks such as:

  • Cinema tickets
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Child care vouchers
  • Chrismas vouchers
  • And exclusive discounts and offers from Aldi’s affiliates

Now, let’s look at how its employees feel about the company.

What do the Aldi employee reviews say?

Aldi currently rates a 61% overall approval rate from its employees, and 76% approve of the CEO. Those scores are even with or better than most of their competition. Great pay tops the pros list while the cons include good work/life balance, and a seeming inability to work your way up.

There’s hardly any complaint about the pay. It seems commensurate with the workload, some people say.

But, there were also a few complaints about working long hours and across different positions, at times. (source)

That’s to say; you may do more than the work required for the role you were formally employed for. They say it’s hard to strike a good work/life balance. And that the intense nature of the work can be highly tiring.

Next, let’s check out one of the most vital info you need to know. Is the rate the company pays good enough, compared to other top grocery companies?

Does Aldi pay well?

Yes, Aldi pays well. Most of its employees who wrote anonymous reviews agree that they are well paid and that this is one of the best things about working for the company. Its average hourly rate of $13.08 is better than many other discount grocers. However, Whole Foods Market and Costco do start off higher.

To provide some context, the $ 13.08-hour rate for Aldi’s cashiers is higher than what Publix and Kroger pay their cashiers.

That is currently $10.29 and $9.29 respectfully. Do bear in mind that companies and wage policies do change from time to time.

Whole Foods Market pays cashiers a bit higher than Aldi.

The rate it pays is $15.00, as is Costco. Target also plans to raise it’s starting wage to $15.00 very soon. Walmart, however, lags behind with a starting wage of only $11.00/hr.

If you like to research this further, don’t forget one of my articles on the grocery stores that pay best.

Final Thoughts

Aldi is so popular in its home country that it’s estimated that almost 90% of the population shop there.

So in this article, I covered a couple of the vital info in the preceding paragraphs. I shared the fact that Aldi doesn’t offer employee discounts.

This is because its prices are already very low, and there are other benefits it offers them.

By the way, it’s an international German company that’s present in 19 countries. It’s short for Albrecht Discount, and it has over 11,000 stores and 126,000 employees.

I shared the types of benefits that full-time Aldi employees are entitled to.

Part-time employees don’t get benefits. Aldi pays an average rate of $13.08 per hour, which is pretty good. On the whole, Aldi is a lovely place to work in. I confirmed this through the most common opinions shared by employees in online reviews.

I also shared links to two recent articles of mine on the grocery stores that pay the best and another on Aldi’s stance on tattoos.

Jeff Campbell