Where Is Honey Found in the Grocery Store? (and is it fake?)

Sometimes it’s difficult to find honey in grocery stores. Is it a sweetener? A jam? Or syrup? Or maybe even sold in produce? A lot of folks wonder where is honey found in the grocery store?

Here’s what I know from decades of selling it:

Honey can be found in the same aisle as jam, jellies, and bread in most grocery stores. But there may be slight variations from store to store. So, in some cases, you may find honey on the baking aisle with sugar and other sweeteners.

But how do you ensure that what you’re getting is real, pure, natural honey? And, as you know, that may not be obvious from the label.

I’ll answer this question and other interesting ones soon.

I know a thing or two about honey, considering that I spent over twenty- years working as a general manager at Whole Foods. Let’s get started with a simple (and probably amusing) question.

What aisle is the honey in at Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, and Publix?

Different stores have slightly different arrangements.

At Walmart, check the aisle where they have condiments, spices, and sauce. While at grocery stores like Safeway, honey can be found close to bread, peanut butter, and jelly. You won’t find it in the baking section. At Kroger, you’ll also find a variety of honey at aisle 6.

I get it. We are all busy than ever, and if you have no experience working in a grocery store, some ‘basic’ stuff might not be visible. In one of my recent articles I I went into detail on the different sections of a grocery store.

And, if you have ever wondered what makes a grocery store different from a supermarket, I’ve got you covered in another recent article. You’ll find both highly helpful. Just click the links to read them on my site.

Can you buy raw honey at Walmart?

Before I answer the question, it’ll be nice to know what raw honey means. Raw honey is honey in its most natural state, untouched, just as it exists in the beehive.

Of course, beeswax, dead bees, wings of bees, are not present. Some of the honey in some grocery stores have undergone pasteurization and filtration. And, ultra-filtration, in some cases. These can no longer be classified as raw honey.

Some argue that raw honey offers the most significant benefits. And there shall be no doubt about it!

Now, to answer the question. Yes, honey can be found at Walmart grocery store. They have quite a variety. Besides, the prices are reasonable. Check the section where they have condiments, spices, and sauce.

Raw honey often contains pollen, which is a treasure trove of health benefits. The Federal Ministry of Health in Germany regards pollen as medicine. But, you need to be careful because some authorities say it could be dangerous for pregnant women and infants.

You can also get raw honey to buy at most farmers’ markets. In fact, in a recent article of mine, I provided a highly-detailed guide on farmers’ markets.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

At farmers’ markets, you do not merely have the opportunity to buy fresh organic products at affordable rates. The whole experience is more laid-back and enjoyable. And, note that local honey, which you can buy at such markets, is among the best. It helps with allergies, in addition to other benefits of honey.

Is honey in grocery stores real?

The right answer is: it depends!

Grocery stores often stock several brands. Most of the brands are real, natural, unadulterated honey. But there may be cases where some are outright fakes or a mixture of what’s genuine and some other products.

The first and most natural step to ensure you’re getting real honey is to read the label. Honey is made-up of honey. Yes, it’s a single-ingredient product. So, there shouldn’t be a list of ingredients, right? There should be no additives.

Even the Food and Drug Administration says that any product that’s been ultra-filtered and no longer contains pollen is not honey. (source)

Here, I’ll share a few simple tests you could conduct to determine if what you bought is real or fake.

  • Water Test: Real honey, like maple syrup, has a dense texture and doesn’t dissolve easily in water. If the honey you bought dissolves quickly in water, then, you know you’ve been had.
  • Flame Test: Did you know that real honey is inflammable? You’re not alone. Most people don’t. You’ll need to be careful when conducting this test. Simply dip a matchstick in the honey, then strike it against the matchbox. If it fails to light up, it is adulterated or fake honey. The moisture in what’s been added prevents the matchstick from catching fire.
  • Thumb Test: Because of its thick consistency, real honey is not runny. It’ll stick to the surface it comes in contact with. So, put a small portion of the one you bought on your thumb. If it’s the genuine article, it’ll stick to your thumb. But, if it’s not, it’ll merely drip away.

If what you bought is labeled as a blend, it implies that something else has been mixed with it. Of course, that does not necessarily imply that it’s harmful to consume. In some cases, real honey is blended with corn syrup.

Where can I buy real honey?

You can buy real honey from regular grocery stores, supermarkets, or health-stores.

Most small and large grocery stores sell honey. You can also purchase real honey directly from beekeepers or at farmers’ markets. You could visit physically or place orders online and have them delivered to you.

As we’ve discussed above, just look for honey that does NOT say:

  • Blended
  • Ultra-filtered
  • Have anything else listed in the ingredients

Did I cover everything you wanted to know about where to find honey in grocery stores?

Moreover, now you are also aware of what raw honey is.

One of the main things we learned is what the FDA defines as honey. This is important to know. We also looked at how vital pollen is.

We also found out where honey can be located in a grocery store, the aisle in major stores. Besides, now you know how to check out if the honey you have is real, and where to buy real honey. Adulteration in honey is common, but you can easily avoid them if you follow the tips I shared.

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