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Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes?

Grubhub is one of the pioneers in the online delivery space, and lately, they’ve been delivering from a wide variety of places. So, does Grubhub deliver cigarettes?

No, Grubhub does not deliver cigarettes. They primarily deliver prepared food and drinks from restaurants and stores. And while they do contract with 7-11 and other convenience stores, thus far, Grubhub has chosen not to deliver tobacco products.

But there’s more to know.

In this article, we’ll find out if Grubhub only delivers food and if they deliver from convenience stores. And we’ll also explore why Grubhub won’t deliver cigarettes. But we’ll also look at other online delivery platforms that will deliver cigarettes.

Let’s get started.

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Does Grubhub only deliver food?

Grubhub does deliver more than just food and beverages. For example, delivery options from 7-11 also include batteries, pregnancy kits, first aid products, and even condoms. They also deliver alcohol from select locations.

But the law requires that it verifies the age of the recipients of the order when alcohol is involved.

And the delivery of alcohol is only permitted in certain places, seeing as alcohol usage is restricted in some parts of the USA.

So, you’ll notice that even restaurants on Grubhub that sell alcohol may not offer it for delivery.

But many will.

So, food is the main thing they focus on. But when orders for alcohol are placed with the order for food, in most locations, the Grubhub delivery person also has to be 21 or over in addition to the recipient.

And you must be present to accept the order since you’ll have to show ID, no leaving it on the porch or contactless delivery.

Will Grubhub deliver from convenience stores?

Yes, Grubhub delivers from convenience stores with which it has a partnership. So on their website, depending on the stores in the area, options such as 7-11 and Circle K will appear when searching.

Top delivery companies such as Doordash, Ubereats are also delivering from convenience stores.

It’s a niche that’s growing exponentially. In fact, estimates that online consumer spending in convenience stores grew by 346 percent in 2020!

And reveals that Grubhub delivery from convenience grew by 40% from Q3 to Q4 of 2020.

Delivery to convenience stores is estimated to be worth $33 billion and is expected to grow by 5.5% in 2021. It stands to reason that Grubhub would continue to explore the niche. Grubhub would deliver from convenience stores as long as it has a partnership agreement with them.

Why won’t Grubhub deliver cigarettes?

Grubhub does not deliver cigarettes due to the added legalities of ensuring only drivers that are 21 or older handle the deliveries but also having its delivery drivers check whether buyers are who they claim to be and are at least 21-years-old.

Of course, some businesses also don’t want to be associated with tobacco products, such as CVS who stopped selling cigarettes in 2014.

But really, the complexities and legalities of being a 3rd party “selling” cigarettes are probably the biggest factors for Grubhub.

So, can you get cigarettes from DoorDash? 

That’s what I explored in a recent article of mine. In it, I showed how you can order cigarettes from Doordash and whether Walmart delivers cigarettes through DoorDash.

But I also revealed whether DoorDash would leave cigarettes at your door and whether your ID would be checked. Can you even do contactless delivery with cigarettes (or alcohol?)

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Is it illegal to buy cigarettes online?

No, it is not illegal to buy cigarettes online. However, not all states allow the sale of cigarettes online. Buyers have to be at least 21 and must provide proof of this. Additionally, many states that do allow it limit it to 1 carton and may require the buyer to pay additional taxes.

But when one looks at the laws, the burden is more on the seller.

The law stipulates conditions that sellers have to meet to sell cigarettes and tobacco products. As such, as a buyer, you have little to nothing to worry about.

After all, the sellers won’t sell to you if they believe you’ve not met the legal criteria. So, it is not illegal to buy cigarettes online.

But if you notice, most of the websites that sell smokes online aren’t in the US. 

But the reason for the laws and regulations is less about public health and more about the individual states trying to keep as much of the lucrative tax revenue as possible.

So, can you buy cigarettes from Trader Joe’s? 

Luckily, that’s what I looked at in a recent article. In it, I explored whether Trader Joe’s and Aldi had a falling out over cigarette sales and whether Aldi grocery store sells cigarettes. I even revealed whether any retailers sell any house brand cigarettes.

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What apps will bring me cigarettes?

Postmates and DoorDash are some of the online delivery apps that can deliver cigarettes as long as the recipient is 21 or above and as long as the delivery location is not on the restricted list, such as a school or a prison. GoPuff will deliver vape and chewing tobacco products and accessories.

The reality is that very few delivery apps are into delivering cigarettes.

But the aforementioned would get cigs to you, as long as you have an ID that shows that you’re 21 or older and you’re available to pick it up yourself.

You can’t ask them to leave it at your doorstep because they’ll have to confirm that you are actually above 21. They need to physically see you and your ID.

What about Instacart, would they deliver cigarettes?

That’s what I looked at in a recent article. In the article, I looked at whether you could order cigarettes not only on Instacart but also on DoorDash or Ubereats and the associated conditions, including the 1 thing that might prevent you from ordering them.

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In the article, we found out if Grubhub only delivers food and if they deliver from convenience stores.

We found out that it delivers food and drinks. But we also explored why Grubhub won’t deliver cigarettes. We know that cigarettes are really delicate products because of health concerns.

Then, we considered whether it’s illegal to buy cigarettes online. It’s not illegal as long as certain conditions are met. Lastly, we looked at apps that deliver cigarettes.

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